Greens aerification- Golf Course Closed - 9th - 12th Friday, October 12, 2018



Greens aerification- Golf Course Closed - 9th - 12th for Friday, October 12, 2018

October 9th-12th

Greens aerification begins.  This process begins with an aggressive VertiCutting and then removes plugs of 5/8” diameter with the open holes being filled with sand.  The golf course will be closed from Tuesday the 9th until Friday the 12th

October 9th-14th:

Fairway aerification will take place during this timeframe.  We are going to take advantage of the course being closed for greens to accomplish as many fairways as possible, during the same time.  Anticipating that we will not be complete by the time we open the golf course back up, we will close the particular hole that we are aerifying and open it up once the process is finished.  Please avoid closed holes, as it’s imperative to our members and employees safety.  The fairway aerification process changes this year, as we are going to use a machine called an “Earth Quake”.  This machine, operated by our staff on our tractor, slices into the soil at a depth of 6” to 8”.  While it’s in the ground, the slicing tine kicks sideways, shattering the soil.  This creates soil porosity, similar to pulling cores, but at a deeper depth.  Our Members and Golf Course will benefit from this process.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Fox Meadow Management

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